Man and lady looking at wooden panelling with coloured carvings showing depicting bible scenes.  Underneath brass plaques. At end of small alter
St Augustine and Pugin Visitor Centre

Augustine Camino Walking Pilgrimage

The Augustine Camino is a series of escorted day trips or a week long walking pilgrimage route through some of Kent’s most beautiful countryside to local sacred sites such as Rochester Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral, Aylesford Priory and St. Augustine’s Church, Ramsgate. 

The Camino provides pilgrims with many unique experiences such as coming face to face with the Relics of famous saints (including Thomas Becket), the opportunity to meet Carmelite friars and Cathedral canons, walking through apple orchards, vineyards and hop gardens or running fingers over crosses carved by departing crusaders.

Accommodation booking, baggage transfers and church welcomes are available here

There is a Compostela available from St Augustine’s for those who have completed the whole route, more details here


Starting and finishing points along the route

Entry Price

For £20 per person per day
*accommodation close to the route (budget average of £10 per person per night for camping, £20 per person per night for bunk beds (groups only), £40 pppn for shared rooms in hotels and £75 pppn for single occupancy depending on availability)
*Book pilgrim welcomes at Rochester Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral, St Martin’s Canterbury and St Augustine’s Ramsgate (these can include a blessing or prayer but do not have to)

Baggage Transfers - £15 per person per day, minimum 2 bags