Rossetti Memorials

Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828 - 1882) helped to found the pre-Raphaelite brotherhood and was known as an artist but he also wrote poetry.  

All Saints Church, Birchington is the resting place of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, whose grave is marked in the churchyard with a Celtic Cross. The cross was designed by Ford Madox Brown. 

In the church you will see a memorial stained glass window. The left hand window incorporates Dante's unfinished painting of the 'Passover in the Holy Family. The right hand window is 'Jesus healing the blind man outside the gates of Bethsaida' by Frederic Shields. 

The village is home to Rossetti Road 

Rossetti Windows. Credit Birchington Heritage Trust

Rossetti Windows. Credit Birchington Heritage Trust


All Saints Churchyard
Kent Gardens