21st June 2024

Commemorations to mark the 75th anniversary of Viking Ship ‘Hugin’ arriving in Thanet

Sitting on the green overlooking Pegwell Bay stands the replica Viking Ship ‘Hugin’ that sailed from Denmark to the Isle of Thanet to mark the 1500th anniversary of the invasion of Britain.


2024 marks the 75th anniversary of its arrival at Broadstairs main beach on 28th July 1949, where it was greeted by a crowd including Prince George of Denmark, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Council chairman.


In Norse mythology, Hugin is one of a pair of ravens that fly around the world and bring information to the god Odin.



The design of the ship is based on the type used by Vikings between the 5th and 8th centuries. It is said to weigh 15 tons, be 71ft long, 18ft wide, 40ft to the top of the mast and has shields down each side.


The Daily Mail newspaper brought the ship and gifted it to Broadstairs and Ramsgate.


Did you know, Broadstairs’ main beach was renamed Viking Bay after the landing of the ship.


If you are passing the ship, scan the digital plaque to discover more, take in the view across the bay or sit back enjoying refreshments.