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Love Exploring

How to spend the perfect weekend in Ramsgate​

• Love Exploring  
• By Rachel Mills
• Published 29th July 2020 

Spectator Life

​The favourite holiday spots of British artists​

• Spectator Life 
• By Alice Dunn
• Published 21st July 2020 

St Augustine's Church. Credit John Coverdale

St Augustine's Church. Credit John Coverdale

These historic churches are closed to tourists, at least for now
• The Christian Post 
• By Dennis Lennox
• Published 7th June 2020 

20 pledges for 2020: How going flight-free has introduced me to the spontaneous day trip 
• Independent
• By Lenni Coffey
• Published 19 February 2020

12 Winter Seaside Breaks in the UK and Ireland 
• CNTraveller.com
• By Tabitha Joyce
• Published 17th February 2020

America's Deep South heads to the UK's south coast for remarkable exhibition 
• The Art Newspaper
• By Dale Berning Sawa
• Published 4th February, 2020

The idyllic Cotswolds are overrun with tourists. Try East Kent instead. 
• Washington Post
• By Will Hawkes
• Published 9th January 2020

All hail the Turner Prize: why you need to visit Margate this winter 
• Lonely Planet
• By Damien Gabet
• Published Monday 18th November 2019

 Eastbound and UP: What's really going on in Margate? 
• Geographical
• By Katie Burton
• Published 7th November, 2019

 Days Out: A trip to Margate by Paloma Lacy 
• London News Online
• By Paloma Lacy
• Published 6th November 2019

 Taking a Microgap in Margate 
• Where Charlie Wanders
• By Charlie
• Published 30th October, 2019

• 24 Hours Exploring Historic Ramsgate in Kent
• Pack the PJs
• By Tracey 
• Published 21st October 2019

 A perfect day in Ramsgate 
• Time Out
• By Karl Smith and Ellie Walker-Arnott
• Published 14th October, 2019

 A trip to the beautiful seaside town of Broadstairs
• Balkhirer.com
• Sally Laker
• Published 8th October, 2019

 Visiting Margate on a 'microgap' with Visit England
• CK Travels
• By Caroline
• Published October 2019

How to spend a weekend in Margate  
• i Newspaper
• By Chris Mugan
• Published 27th September 2019

Artist's retreat revived by new coat of paint in magical Margate  
• The Sunday Post
• By Sally McDonald 
• Published 20th September 2019

Your guide to a weekend escape in Margate this summer  
• Evening Standard
• By Rosamund Dean 
• Published 4th July 2019

• How the 'Down From London' hipsters saved this faded seaside town
• The Telegraph 
• By Nigel Richardson
• Published 30th May 2019

Bird Watching Magazine

Bird Watching in Thanet
• Bird Watching Magazine 
• By Ed Hutchings 
• February 2019 Issue 

• Dog-Friendly Guide: Margate, Ramsgate & Broadstairs
• Ernie's Adventure
• By Jenny Green
• Published 14th January 2019

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