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Your guide to a weekend escape in Margate this summer  
• Evening Standard
• By Rosamund Dean 
• Published 4th July 2019


• How the 'Down From London' hipsters saved this faded seaside town
• The Telegraph 
• By Nigel Richardson
• Published 30th May 2019

The Sunday Times

Dammit, Thanet I Love You
• The Sunday Times
• By Maggie Gee
• Published 8th February 2019

Bird Watching Magazine

Bird Watching in Thanet
• Bird Watching Magazine 
• By Ed Hutchings 
• February 2019 Issue 

Dog-Friendly Guide: Margate, Ramsgate & Broadstairs
• Ernie's Adventure
• By Jenny Green
• Published 14th January 2019

For further information on Dog Friendly venues, please click here

Shell Grotto

Leave London for an underground shell mystery in Margate
• Time Out London
• By Katherine L
• Published 17th December 2018

Love Letter to Margate: A slice of English Seaside History 
• Australian Times 
• By Kris Griffiths
• Published 4th December 2018

Small beer: a tour of Kent's best micropubs 
• The Times
• By Andrew Eames
• Published 25th November 2018

• A unique underground Palace, decorated with seashells - Margate's Shell Grotto
• The Mice Times of Asia
• By Paradox 
• Published 21st November 2018

A perfect day in Ramsgate 
• Time Out
• By Karl Smith and Ellie Walker-Arnott

• Margate Travel Guide 
The Times
• By Kate Leahy
• Published 14th October

• Making time to keep a special clock ticking: Montefiore Synagogue 
Jewish Chronicle
• By Amy Schreibman Walter
• Published 28th September 2018

• 10 Brilliant Beaches near London - Botany Bay and Minnis Bay  
Time Out
• By Yolanda Zappaterra, Katherine Lovage and Ellie Walker-Arnott
• Published 27th September 2018

• 24 hours in Ramsgate 
• By Paul Joseph
• Published 9th September 2018

• Ramsgate Beach 
The Guardian
• By Laura Barton
• Published 5th July 2018

• 24 hours in Broadstairs 
The Weekendr
• By Stephen Emms
• Published 11th May 2018

• Coastal Cool: 10 Alternative Hotels And B&Bs On The Kent Coast - The Reading Rooms, Yarrow Hotel and Albion House featured  
• By Hugh Wilson
• Published 12th April 2018

• Margate’s Shell Grotto  
The Telegraph
• By Sophie Campbell
• Published 27th March 2018

• What to do when you’re in… Margate
You Magazine
• Published 13th March 2018