Thanet Tourism
22nd April 2024

Did you know there is an “International Museum Day” on the 18th May each year?

This is a great opportunity for us to showcase to you the unique and beloved museums across Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate and the villages just waiting to welcome you.

There is no better pastime than having a nose around a museum discovering and learning new things. We take a look and celebrate our unique and beloved museums just waiting to welcome you…..

Famous Faces

You may have heard of Thanet’s famous faces, but have you visited the museums associated with them? Explore Charles Dickens’ relationship with Broadstairs through his letters, personal items and Victoriana in the house that was the home of Mary Pearson Strong, the inspiration for Betsey Trotwood in David Copperfield.

Discover more about Dickens’ time in Broadstairs on the self-guided Dickens Town Trail

St Augustine & Pugin Shrine and Visitor Centre, is the personal church and burial place of the architect Augustus Pugin who built and lived in the house next door 'The Grange'. The Visitor Centre is also the Shrine of St Augustine of England, the First Archbishop of Canterbury. 

The Parlour of Dickens House Museum, Broadstairs

Trains and Planes

Located in a flint tower, Crampton Tower Museum is dedicated to Victorian engineer Thomas Russell Crampton, a designer of locomotives and railways. The tower formed part of the first Broadstairs public water supply, with water pumped up from wells by a gas engine under the reservoir floor. 

Ramsgate Tunnels are unique in that they are the UK’s largest network of civilian wartime tunnels, a complex used during WWII to provide shelter for 60,000 people and includes a Victorian Railway Tunnel. Don a hard hat and grab a torch to join a guided tour exploring what life was like for those that escaped to the tunnels. 2024 marks the 10th anniversary of the tunnels reopening to the public

Manston is home to not one but two museums. See the iconic Battle of Britain fighters up close at the museum that shares their name, The Spitfire and Hurricane Museum. Ever fancied being a pilot? Have a go piloting a Spitfire on the simulator. Look out for the Avro Lancaster replica cockpit flight simulator opening in May 2024.

Learn about the airfield’s history from 1916 to present day through the aircraft and exhibits displayed at RAF Manston History Museum.

RAF Manston History Museum. Credit DJS Photographic

Childhood Memories

Immerse yourself to experience miniature worlds, exhibition pieces and layouts that cater for speed freaks, engine geeks, and car connoisseurs showcasing some of Britain's best loved toys  Hornby, Airfix, CORGI, Scalextric and Pocher at The WonderWorks, Margate.

Ramsgate’s Micro Museum is a world of wonder discovering personal computing history alongside classic games you can play on retro consoles. 2024 marks the 10th anniversary of the museum opening.

This Museum is (NOT) Obsolete, is an interactive museum celebrating obsolete/experimental electronic technology, scientific, telecommunication music and more.

Man sat at computer screen playing game in front of wall of information. Two more computer screens can be seen and people in background

The Micro Museum, Ramsgate

Take a step back in time

Discover over 5000 years of Margate history at the Margate Museum, housed in the town's old police station.

From sea bathing machines, shipwrecks to paddle steamers and day trippers, what will you discover?

Walpole Bay Hotel Museum and Napery is home to period displays and exhibits throughout the hotel built in 1914, plus Napery (art on linen napkins). Can you spot any famous faces work? 

Margate Museum

Under and over the Sea

Who hasn’t gone crabbing when at the beach? Now learn more about this intriguing creature at Europe’s #1 Crab Museum, a baffling tourist attraction found in Margate Old Town.

Shell Grotto, Kent's greatest mystery. Discovered in 1835, this subterranean wonder is decorated with 4.6 million shells with images of gods and goddesses, trees of life and patterns made from whelks, mussels and oysters shells. 

Crab Museum, Margate

Journey of Discover

The Powell-Cotton Museum, Quex House and Gardens, is a hidden gem of the Isle. Go on a journey of discovery through African and Asian breath-taking natural history collections and fascinating cultural objects. Take a stroll around the 7 acres of gardens and woodland before a tour of the Grade II listed historic house.

At Margate Caves, adventure underground and discover a subterranean curiosity decorated with wall paintings including an elephant, crocodile and lion.

Group of 4 adults stood in front of glass display of African wildlife scene. In front at bottom of glass wooden panels with information

Powell-Cotton Museum, Birchington